Destination Wedding Photoshoot is

Definitely Worth It!

Lucia and Ľuboš couldn't have made a better decision for their wedding portraits. They wanted something different from photos in the forest or on a meadow. The idea of having their photos taken abroad, specifically in Vienna, in the legendary amusement park - Prater, appealed to them. This perfect choice opened up opportunities for dynamic shots, including one on a large chain swing, which Lucia was looking forward to :). Later, we moved around the city, took the metro, and, of course, in the evening, we returned to the nighttime atmosphere of the amusement park.

They were very enthusiastic about the final photos, and I enjoyed sharing that moment with them after delivering the pictures! Even after many weddings I've photographed, it's always a great relief when the newlyweds express their thoughts and provide feedback, which is crucial and allows me to push my boundaries in photography.

Below is a brief selection of photos from their amazing portraits and wedding day: