I love what I do.

"My goal is for you to feel comfortable and have fun while being photographed... Even better, to forget completely that I am even taking your picture. The truly authentic moments are the absolute best. I will be happy and honored to capture your memories just as they happened, beautiful & natural."


Allow me to introduce myself 🙂

My name is František. Nice to meet you!

If you're curious about who's behind the camera, you're in the right place. Summing up everything in the 'about me' section is almost impossible, but here are a few things you should know.

I've been actively involved in photography for four years, and I'm also a big sports enthusiast 🏃, from fitness training to adrenaline sports. I love listening to music 🎵... I'm literally addicted to it, and I can't imagine life without it, just like photography 📷.

The reason I focus on wedding photography and portraits is that I enjoy supporting others and communicating with them. And what better way to be a 'supporter' than to help someone celebrate one of the most exceptional moments of their life? I want everyone to have a fantastic time, and I want you to look back at your photos and relive that day. That's how I would describe myself in a few sentences...

Let's connect and share this exceptional moment of your life together!




Janka & Erik

“I am incredibly happy that I chose you ❤️❤️ The photos are unbelievably beautiful, everyone loves them. You managed to capture the right moments, and looking at the pictures took us back in time, reliving the emotions from the photos ❤️❤️ You are very talented and knew how to perfect us. Thanks again for your work ❤️ (my husband and I have already thought about when to request a divorce so we can marry again and relive that day, especially with you) 😂✌️👌”

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Photographs that are simply different, images that evoke emotion.

Photographs that are more than just that... learn to create art yourself!